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By sharing our story and our experiences with this birth injury we will hopefully educate people. Knowledge is power. Our hope is that you will read this blog, share it with your friends, and they will share with their friends. Then in some small way we have prevented other families from having to go through what we have.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Working Hard

Hi all!  Today was a pretty good day.  We went to therapy at 9 am.  Jadon was cheerful going into the hospital.  Smiling and chatting up the registration girls, the lady we get our visitors pass from, and several other patients parents.  He even went into the therapy waiting area happily.  They have a train table with wooden track and trains to play with and  he LOVES choo choo's!  As soon as it was time to go back to the therapy room his attitude changed.  Mr. Grumpy came out!  He was not into letting Righty do anything today.

The therapist tried to show us a few stretches that they want us doing.  However, Jadon was not very cooperative with those.  He acted like they did not feel very good.  Wrestling away from the therapist everytime she touched him.  Made it a little hard for the therapist to show us what she wanted us to do.  So we made Jadon very unhappy for a few minutes while the therapist showed us how to do at least one of the stretches.  The therapist said that none of the kids that have this surgery like the stretches very much the first days but it should get easier to get them done by next week.

When the morning session was done we came back to the Ronald McDonald House to let Jadon relax for awhile.  We were hoping to get him to take a nap in between sessions but that did not happen. We did get him to relax and watch one of his Elmo's dvd's though.  Then we went downstairs to find something to eat for lunch and by the time we finished with that it was time to head back to Shriner's for the afternoon therapy session.

The afternoon therapy session went a little smoother than the morning one.  He was more willing to let Righty try to do a few things this afternoon.  He did a great job putting a puzzle together.  The therapist had him reaching up high for each piece to grab it.  He did a really good job with that one. Just like at home though after about 45 minutes he was done.  Once the afternoon session was done we came back to the RMH once again and this time Jadon was more than ready to take a nap.  Of course Mommy had to lay down with him and rub his head but he was out like a light pretty quick.  He slept from a little before 3 until 5.  Woke up crying but as soon as I picked him up he fell asleep in my lap for another half an hour. 

After he got up from his nap it was time to take the brace off for awhile.  The therapists said our goal for the evening was to have the brace off for at least three hours and get some of those stretches in also.  Since Jadon slept until 5:30 that meant we were going to have to let him play without the brace on for the rest of the evening.  We were told to just watch that the arm did not get fatigued.  As long as Jadon could still get his arm up to his head he was doing fine.  So every so often we asked Jadon to touch his head for us.  Here is a pic of him showing off!  LOL!  I can't get enough of this!

We made it through the entire three hours with out an incidents (like falling) tonight.  Let him play in the tubby for awhile.  Did a few of the stretches while he was in the tub.  Now he is in his jammies and ready for bed.  Watching a Sesame Street dvd then hopefully going to sleep so he is a happy boy for his morning session tomorrow!  We see Dr. Kozin in the morning so he can see his progress and give us permission to do some of those movements that have been restricted until now.  We are interested to see what he has to say.

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