Our Hope

By sharing our story and our experiences with this birth injury we will hopefully educate people. Knowledge is power. Our hope is that you will read this blog, share it with your friends, and they will share with their friends. Then in some small way we have prevented other families from having to go through what we have.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Why Awareness Is SO Important

The UBPN posted a link that caught my attention.  Could not access the whole article but the abstract pretty much says it all.  The article was about a study done tracking incidences of OBPI before shoulder dystocia training for maternity staff and incidences post shoulder dystocia training.


Shoulder dystocia training was associated with a lower incidence of OBPI and the incidence of OBPI in births complicated by shoulder dystocia.

Here is the link to the abstract: http://www.ajog.org/article/S0002-9378%2811%2900066-4/abstract.  Unfortunately you have to join the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology to view the whole thing....

This is why I tell everyone to TALK about this!!  Talk to pregnant women you know!  Pregnant women talk to your physicians!  Everyone talk about this!  Spread the word!  Knowledge is POWER!!

So a child close to you does not have to go through THIS!
Or this!

Ok...off my soapbox for now.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Things are returning to normal around.  Well....as normal as life can be with a toddler in a full arm/torso cast anyway.  Jadon is adjusting to the cast well.  I even found him sleeping on his stomach last night and he is waking up less and less in the night now.  Today is a week since surgery.  I can't believe one week is done already!  We return to Philly for cast removal and a week of therapy the week of April 4th-8th.  They will do therapy twice a day for that week.  Once in the morning and once after lunch.  I have a feeling we are going to have one tired and cranky boy that week.

We are discovering that the 4T shirts I bought are fitting the best.  The child size 5's I bought are too big but some 5T Garanimal shirts I picked up at Walmart are working out pretty good.  So I would say that in most brands shirts two sizes too big are adequate. 

In the pics below Jadon is enjoying a get well treat from his Great Aunt Marilyn.  She sent him a get well card with a dollar in it.  She said she heard his favorite treat was M &M's and to use this dollar to go and get some well deserved M&M's!  So we did ! 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Shoulder/Tendon Surgery

Sorry it took me so long to give everyone an update!  We got home late Saturday night from Philadelphia and spent time with our older kids yesterday.  Jadon's surgery went really well.  I was really nervous about how he would handle being taken back for surgery.  I was worried that as soon as we got back in the pre-op area that Jadon would figure out what was going on and start to have some anxiety.  Fortunately he was in a great mood and we were able to distract him by being silly with him.  It also helped immensely to have phenomenal nurses.  They are always so good with him at Shriner's!

Jadon waiting for surgery.

The pre-op nurses had me give Jadon some medicine that was supposed to relax him and maybe even put him to sleep.  It kinda had the opposite effect on Jadon however.  It made him a little crazy and loopy.  He was being silly and when the anesthesiologist came to take him back for surgery he did not even care.  Off he went happily.  I was so grateful there was no screaming, crying, or tears.  Thank you Shriner's staff for not breaking this Momma's heart!

We got multiple updates from the or nurses then finally got the call we had been waiting for.  The call to say we could come see our baby boy!  As we were walking up to the PACU doors we could hear a child screaming.  Matt said "oh, someone is not happy".  When the nurse came and opened the doors to let us in we quickly realized the "someone" who was not happy was our child.  Jadon came out of anesthesia spitting mad.  He was going nuts!  It tooks Matt and I several minutes to get him calmed down.  Finally Matt got him to rest and relax a little.   After they made sure that he was doing okay they moved him to a room.  Once they transported him we were able to pick him up and hold him again.  That is all he wanted.  Just to be cuddled in our arms and sleep. 

Resting in the crib for a little while after surgery.  Spent most of the time in our arms though.
The nurses could not believe how much Jadon was resting.  To me it seemed like he was just trying to make the world go away.  He would wake up every once in awhile and realize that darn cast was still there, get mad, then just go back to sleep.  We felt so bad for him. 
Here Jadon is during one of his brief awake times in the hours after surgery.  He got morphine twice after surgery then overnight they tried just ibuprofen to see how he did.
Finally in the evening Jadon went from this......

to this!
I was so happy to see that smile!  We got him to drink some juice and he started to perk up a little.  Talking to us and smiling.  Eventually we got him to eat some crackers then a turkey sandwich.  He was slowly starting to come around.  Mommy stayed with Jadon overnight and we had a great night.  He did not fuss much.  Just wanted to sleep.  He would sleep in my arms for awhile then sleep in the crib for awhile.  About 6 in the morning he decided he was ready to be up for the day.  So we watched cartoons and waited for Daddy to bring us breakfast.  Later in the morning we got Jadon up to walk around.  This was the first time being on his feet after surgery.  The first time he took a few steps he said "woa, woa".  It was so cute.  It did not take him long to figure it out and before we knew it we were making lap around the unit getting some exercise.

The doctors came in around 8:30 to check on Jadon.  They looked at the cast and decided there were a few places that needed to be trimmed because the cast was digging into his skin.  So we went down to the fourth floor clinic and Dr. Kozin trimmed his cast to make it more comfortable.  He did not care for that at all!

Once that was done we went back upstairs to wait for our carseat to be checked out and approved.  Our carseat passed the test!  Jadon fit in it with his cast with only a few adjustments!  Woohoo!  That was the last thing we had to do before we were discharged.  We were back at the Ronald McDonald House by 10:30!  Where Jadon rested, played, and watched Elmo for the rest of the day.  Here he is sleeping with his Project Linus blanket that he got after surgery. 
Here are some more pictures of Jadon's precious blanket.  Just add this organization to my list of things I am so grateful for!  Our life is so full of blessings!  We were blessed to stay at the Ronald McDonald House of Philadelphia for the 7th time this stay.  We are blessed to have such an amazing hospital like Shriners with their amazing doctors and nurses.  Now we are blessed with comfort for our sweet boy in his time of need by Project Linus.  Truly amazing.....

A few other blessings were sent our way during this trip.  While staying at the Ronald McDonald House we met Mia, a sweet little girl just a few weeks older than Jadon who was back at Shriners for her week of rehab post shoulder surgery.  It was really great to see her progress and to be able to talk to her Mom and Grandma about the surgery.  It really helped calm our nerves and Jadon got to make a new friend.  I would love to post a pic of Mia but I forgot to check with her Mommy to see if it was ok.  If she emails me soon I will ask her if I can introduce Ms. Mia! 

Our first night at the Ronald McDonald House a cute little doggy named Stella came to visit the children at RMH.  We love when it is pet therapy night!  Jadon and Mia LOVED playing with Stella.

We are home now and Jadon is doing well.  We left for home on Saturday barely 48 hours after surgery.  Jadon did not sleep well Friday night so we made the decision to drive straight through to home in one day instead of splitting it up into two days.  Our thinking was that perhaps Jadon would rest better at home.  We left Philadelphia around 7:30 am and arrived home around 9:30 in the evening.  By the time we got unpacked, visited with my sister (our house/kid sitter) and the older kids, and did the bedtime routine it was 11 before we got Jadon to bed.  He was asleep right away and slept through the whole night!  He woke up around 8:30 the next morning.  It was so wonderful! 

Today (Monday) is the first day that I did not give Jadon any ibuprofen.  He had a great day and has not been complaining about the cast.  Seems to be getting used to it and the shirts we bought about 3 sizes too big seem to be working out very well.  Overall, we are all adjusting and recovering.  Linda from Shriners is supposed to call me sometime this week to set up our return visit in four weeks for cast removal, and five days of therapy.