Our Hope

By sharing our story and our experiences with this birth injury we will hopefully educate people. Knowledge is power. Our hope is that you will read this blog, share it with your friends, and they will share with their friends. Then in some small way we have prevented other families from having to go through what we have.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

More elbow grease?

During the past few days we've seen hints of Jadon's arm bending at the elbow! We'll have to wait for Tuesday's PT appointment so that we can confirm that it is truly bicept and not some other force (shoulder shrug, gravity, wishfull thinking, etc...). The next few months should prove to be exciting. It has been 4.5 months since surgery and the results are to start showing after 6 to 8 months.


  1. Hello Kiana,
    my name is carol and i found your blog about a month ago and look for your posts every day.My grandson born 2nd July 2009 in Perth Western Australia sounds to have the same injury as Jadon,C5 and C6 torn and had his nerve graft on the 6th Oct 09 at 3 months old.He is moving his fingers and wrist more, but still havn't seen any elbow flexation yet, we were under the impression that this would have started happening by now. I love reading your blog It is very informative, and I feel like I'm getting to know your family. Little Jadon is very much like Kai a very happy baby and a real pleasure to everyone they come in contact with. I do hope this is the start of great improvments for Jadon. Best wishes to you all.

  2. Carol! Thanks so much for leaving a note!! I enjoy hearing that people are reading about our journey and perhaps learning a little in the process! My email is on our family blog. I would love to keep in touch! From everything we told by Dr.'s and other parents don't expect to see anything new until six months post op. So it is still early yet for both of our boys. We will recieve an early gift if in fact we find out something new is going on when he goes to therapy tomorrow.